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Fire Department ID

Many Dream of Being a Fire Fighter, But Only a Few Truly Qualify

After 9/11, many people began wearing the New York fire department's FDNY logo as well as their own local fire department's names on clothing as a tribute to their efforts.  Unfortunately, many of these people also impersonated fire fighters or exaggerated their association with fire departments for their own selfish gain including those selling and servicing fire extingusihers.   

At PlastiCard we understand the importance of providing durable and proven ID card systems for all aspects of public safety including the issuing of identification by fire departments to authorized inspectors as well as fire fighters to ensure fire safety. Our solutions go beyond simple credentials to offer photos, holographic designs for counterfeit-proof cards, fingerprints, signatures and more.   

The value of positive identification can not be over looked, especially at the very small cost of an up to date ID card. Please contact us for a free needs analysis and learn more about PlastiCard's complete line of fire department ID card systems, supplies and service.


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