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Event Credentials

Special Events Demand Special Credentials

Special events are the perfect place to take advantage of the on-demand nature of PlastiCard plastic ID card systems. As attendees arrive, a digital photo is taken of each and their names are quickly entered into the Windows-based software.  The on-site card printer then prints the ID cards you designed earlier with your events' logo, name and colors.  Last minute attendees are not a problem. There's also no need to get the names of the attendees' guests in advance, since their information may be added to the database as they arrive.

The colorful plastic ID card is easy for security personnel to spot and nearly impossible to counterfeit since they are not issued in advance.  And after the event, the ID card becomes a souvenir for attendees to remember your event and a rfeminder of annual events.

So before your next big event, please contact us for a free needs analysis and to learn more about PlastiCard's complete line of on-site, on-demand ID card systems, supplies and services. 

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