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Custom Card Printing

Your Inexpensive Alternative for Quality ID Badges

Plastic Card Systems, Inc. offers identification solutions to customers worldwide. If purchasing a complete ID system is not in your organization's plans or budget, consider The Bureau as an inexpensive alternative to card production. The Bureau was developed to provide individuals and organizations with the opportunity to have quality ID badges designed and produced by PlastiCard professionals using our in-house system. The Bureau's service is ideal for individuals and organizations planning card production for a one-time project. The Bureau will produce as many or as few cards as meet your requirements. Below are example projects The Bureau can assist you with:

  • Loyalty and membership cards
  • Certification cards
  • Employee and visitor badges
  • Keytags
  • Discount cards (School fundraisers)
  • Luggage tags

Design Options
Our printers offer the ability to create custom cards ideally tailored to the application or to customize and personalize cards on demand. Cards provide numerous technological features, but start with a blank plastic card that can be printed with any combination of artwork, graphics, text, digital photograph, bar codes, logos, etc., limited only by the designer's imagination. Additional machine readable information can also be encoded such as magnetic stripes and smart card chips. Cards can be produced in a variety of colors and sizes, depending on your individual preference and needs. Simply discuss with a PlastiCard Bureau representative how you would like your cards to appear visually, and he/she will print a sample for your review at no charge.

Pricing for card production varies depending on a number of factors. A Bureau representative will quote a price after discussing card specifications and quantities with you.

Getting Started On Your Cards
Card design and production is a simple process. We outline the steps you will take as follows:

  1. Think about what function your card will have—this will help a PlastiCard representative meet your needs. In other words, what will the card be used for? Security? Identification? In addition to the card's function, think about what you would like the card to look like. Would you prefer white or colored cards? Do you require full-color text and graphics or monochrome?
  2. Discuss the function and visual layout of your card with a Bureau representative.
  3. Review the sample card and express any changes you require. Changes will be made and cards printed.

Please call us for additional information regarding the Card Bureau at 1-800-742-2273.

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